Second Draft Press is an artist collective on its way to becoming a press. It is founded by Rabha Ashry and Laura Johanna Waltje. 

It is for and by queer people and invested in publishing q, poc, and (most importantly) qpoc.

We are dedicated
to the investigation of raw, impulse driven work
to accessibility
to the creation of a community and the invitation to collaboration
to an exchange of knowledge
to the exploration of new mediums
to drawing the wrong way

The first draft is trash, the second draft is magic, the next drafts are overwrought


Second Draft Press publishes a monthly zine featuring the work of one writer and one visual artist.  We publish a yearly anthology with all of the writing from the zine that year and some other selected favorite pieces.  On our website, we publish book reviews to further our mission of highlighting the voices of q, poc, and qpoc (even if we aren't the ones that published them).

We have three categories of events: writing workshops, readings, and our annual chosen family dinners.  For more information on these, please visit the Events page.

We are committed to paying our writers and visual artists.  At this time, we are not profitable.  Hence, we will pay a token $10 for each selected piece of writing and each commissioned piece of art for the zine.  Additionally, 50% of total profits on the zine go to our artists (25% to our featured writer and 25% to our commissioned visual artist).  We know this is not even a fraction of what your work is worth, but we don't believe in making art for free or for exposure and so we will pay what we can and up that number as we grow.